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Aquiesse Small Soy Candle - WHITE CORAL MUSK
Aquiesse Small Soy Candle - WHITE CORAL MUSK # 50301


Product Code: AAS-50301

So Elegant...

Ultra-thick white glass is safe for burning candles and looks gorgeous in any home.  Custom heat resistant candle cover is designed to serve as a pedestal for the candle to rest on while burning, to extinguish the candle and to keep the wax dust free when not in use.  After your candle burns, the glass holder makes a beautiful reusable mini vase or storage container.  

Fragrance: Aquiesse's WHITE CORAL MUSK scent is a delicate blend of Coastal Jasmine & Sage, Ocean Timber & White Coral Musk...a bouquet of lovely island flowers. Beautifully vintage, uniquely modern packaging is timeless and conveys the quality and detail of the product within.  

Reusable keepsake box.  128g/4.5oz/45+ hours

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